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The Wall Street Journal, 23-24 March 2013

A senior Wall Street Journal columnist, George Melloan, notes in the book "two Hammarskjölds, one a man of action taming dangerous political passions and the other a deeply introspective philosopher."

Publishers Weekly, March 11, 2013

Lipsey views his subject as a man of deep faith who showed remarkable courage in the face of numerous Cold War crises, and his spirit lives on at the UN thanks to the Room of Quiet, a sanctuary built during his tenure.

Kirkus Reviews, Feb. 4, 2013

A monumental life, spiritual and intellectual more than purely biographical, of the great Swedish diplomat and author. Dag Hammarskjöld (1905–1961), writes Lipsey (Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton, 2006, etc.), was "formidable in his time, somewhat forgotten now..."


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